These words to you I say — “Take care!”

I say it loud, in fact…I blare

I finally became a Medium member several months ago…after a bit of back & forth deliberation I decided that on principle alone its worth it.

Why would anyone become a member…especially when so much of the great content is available for free. That’s a good question and the answer is complicated but the primary reason is that I am really tired of all up with the Data Pimps/Brokers and their “surveillance capitalism” practices. The more you buy into free services (e.g., …

Ok…let me just preface this with “I have not seen the movie yet but”…it is really difficult for me to watch or even participate in the Batman versus Superman conversations. I mean, I can hardly imagine a scenario in which Batman can actually defeat Superman. Hmm/ok…I think i just heard a collective “WTF” in the Batman Faniverse but let get serious for a minute how is this really possible. How can Batman defeat Superman in battle. …

We’ve all seen the commercials where a driver eyes a parking space right in front of their favorite shop/cafe, s/he slowly pulls up to the spot, sizing it up and then and takes their hands off the steering wheel and the car magically begins to park itself. Admittedly, that is a very cool feature and I think I might actually let my car park for me; it’s not that I really need to have my car do it…but lets face it..its looks really cool…and thats probably the most important part of the whole experience. From a utility perspective though, how…

Tony Wilson

Electrical Engineer & software developer. Interests — machine learning, augmented reality, exploratory data analysis. Creative writing (short prose/poetry)

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